Lady Fern Scarf From Hill Country Weavers - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Lady Fern Scarf from Hill Country Weavers - Day 3


This. Is. Hard.

Lady Fern Scarf from Hill Country Weavers - Day 3 6
Not in the this pattern is so challenging it’s making steam come out of my ears hard, but hard in the I can’t believe it took me this long to knit 27 inches and I’m only halfway done kind of hard.

Four row repeats are soothing.  Zen, even, under the right circumstances.  But after 27 inches, even Zen gets a little too Zen-ish.  27 inches of solid brown—even though I really need a solid brown scarf and I picked the color out myself—borders of mind-numbing.  

Lady Fern Scarf from Hill Country Weavers - Day 3 7
On the upside, I could now knit the trellis stitch in my sleep.  On the downside, it offers very little challenge whatsoever. Other than perseverance.  I understand that’s a virtue, but it’s a tiresome virtue to gain, yes?

I know I will love the texture and drape of this scarf—when I’m done.  Right now it’s row upon row of scratchy stitches.  A fiber marathon.  I’m actually calculating how many rows I have to get done each day to stay on schedule.  And when I resort to math, you know it’s getting sticky.

Stick with me.  I need to know I’m not climbing this trellis alone.
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