Leftie Shawl From Knot Just Knits - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Leftie Shawl from Knot Just Knits - Day 3

Working within my limitations...

Leftie Shawl from Knot Just Knits - Day 3 6

I am not known for my ability to get things finished.  When clearing the table, I always, always leave "one last thing" that my husband has to clean off.  I leave cabinet doors open, I get the wash done but fail to fold it, and a dozen other things that seem to showcase my inability to do the last step of any task.  It's why writing is such a good profession for me--God gives me editors to clean up my final drafts.

This shawl goes right to the heart of my problem.  There are a boatload of ends to weave in.  As I began this project, I realized it'd be a huge problem if I left the weaving in of the ends to the last step.  Knowing me, this lovely piece would sit in some basket for months on end waiting for me to accomplish the one final task.

Leftie Shawl from Knot Just Knits - Day 3 7

I opted for a pre-emptive strike:  I made a promise to myself that every two stripes, I would stop and weave those sets of ends in before going on.  So far, this has worked, and I'm proud of facing up to my limitations.  It helps that the dangling ends are annoying, so that provides incentive to stop and weave so I'm not constantly pushing them out of the way.

Who knows where this will lead?  Closed cabinet doors?  Hey, it could happen...

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