Leftie Shawl From Knot Just Knits - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Leftie Shawl from Knot Just Knits - Day 4

Delayed gratification...

It’s happening again.

The rows just keep getting longer.

Leftie Shawl from Knot Just Knits - Day 4 6
On a logical level, I know this to be a good thing.  I know I will enjoy this shawl when it is done, and that I will wear it often with all these lovely colors.  If I love the act of knitting, then knitting more is a good thing, right?

I figured out yesterday that while I can completely and happily immerse myself in the process of knitting, I also am energized and gratified by the accomplishment of knitting.  I’m a “to-do list” kind of gal—I get jazzed by progress.  So as the rows get longer, my gratification gets more and more delayed.

Leftie Shawl from Knot Just Knits - Day 4 7
I rot at delayed gratification.  I’ve got the waistline and the impulse purchases and the unthawed-yet-eaten frozen cookie dough to prove it.  Plus, the more time it takes to finish the row progress I plan for each episode of this blog, the more my “deadline stress” goes up.  I don’t want to keep you all waiting while I find time to finish the longer-and-longer rows it takes to get to my next installment.

Still, I don’t think you could do this one backwards—long end to short. I thought about it last night, and either I’m just not that smart, or it’s not possible to predict the correct length and width on the outset.  If any of you could figure it out, by all means let me know.

Because I don’t have time to work on such a problem.  I have a lot of knitting to do….
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