Lovikka Mittens From Three Bags Full - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Lovikka Mittens from Three Bags Full - Day 5


Lovikka Mittens from Three Bags Full - Day 5 6
Oh my goodness, aren’t they lovely?  They fit my hand beautifully.  I’m really glad I opted for a flatter, kitchener tip that suits my long fingers.  I can’t stop looking at the clever channeled cuff, imagining those decorative stitches that go in there next.  If I ever loose one of these, there will be no consoling me.  

Yes, they’re snug, but I’ve decided I like them far too much to ever give them away.  I’m even contemplating a second pair out of some colorful alpaca I was given last year in Indianapolis.  I'll widen those up a little so that they're uber-warm and lofty.

Lovikka Mittens from Three Bags Full - Day 5 7
These are my best thumbs yet.  Evolutionary, I'll go so far as to say.  Thumb attachments are a tricky business.  They’re like that pesky little gap when you start to turn a sock heel.  All the stitches ought to meet without gaps, but I can never seem to make it happen to my satisfaction.  I invariably end up ensuring there’s a long tail on the thumb cast-on so I can go around with a needle and sew up all those rogue holes.  I tell you, they pop up like some kind of fibrous game of Whack-A-Mole.  Only the truly ninja-knitters nail it.   Like the sock heel nexus (is that the right word for where everything comes together?), when picked up stitches line up in perfection, you know you’re looking at the work of a master.

Okay, so these are not masterful.  They are even a tad rustic, and I probably would have never picked them out in a store.  And yet, I love them just the same, because I made them.  That crafting gave me time and opportunity to appreciate their fine design, their fit, and their warmth.

So no, you can’t have them...but I’m oh-so flattered you asked.

Next up, we apply the decorative stitching!
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