Mapes Shawl From Lovin' Knit - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Mapes Shawl from Lovin' Knit - Day 3

Mapes Shawl from Lovin' Knit - Day 3 8

Before we get into my Mapes progress, let me just say how much fun it was to give away copies of THE FIREFIGHTER’S MATCH at VogueKnitting Live in Chicago this past weekend.  This is made possible not only by my publisher, but by the splendid DestiKNITion stores that host my appearances like this event’s MiaBella.  VKL is always a top-notch event, with quality vendors and the best garment-watching you can imagine.  I saw garment after garment that I adored, needing to gush to the wearer how astounding their handiwork was and getting the pleasure of watching their eyes light up at the compliment.  It’s always a delight to introduce knitters to the knitting characters in my books, and I’m grateful my publisher shares my view that knitters are passionate readers worth getting to know.  

Mapes Shawl from Lovin' Knit - Day 3 9

The Mapes shawl is at my favorite point in a top down shawl--the middle.  By this point in a project, I can see how the stitch patterns come together and begin to appreciate the shape and texture of the finished piece.  I haven’t yet gotten to the end where the rows feel ten thousand miles long and I’m impatient to get the thing done.  Middles are the hardest part of novels, but they are the most pleasant part of shawls.  

Mapes Shawl from Lovin' Knit - Day 3 10

One tip:  Make sure you photocopy the pattern because you’re going to write all over this thing.  You are forever doubling back on directions, (i.e. “For rows 35-38, repeat rows 33&34 twice, etc), and I had to write the new row numbers over the old ones to keep track.  A simple row counter won’t really get the job done here--you need the paper.

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