March Reader Who Crochets: Leslie McKee | Author Allie Pleiter

March Reader Who Crochets: Leslie McKee

It's that time again where we meet a reader who loves yarn as much as we do. DestiKNITters, say hello to Leslie McKee.

March Reader Who Crochets: Leslie McKee 14

Leslie, what are you working on right now? 
I’m currently between projects, trying to decide what to do next. I was on an unexpected break for quite a few months due to an injury to my dominant hand/wrist. I tend to do most of my crocheting during football season, as I believe it helps my team, the NY Giants, win. And, as I was injured last season, I believe that played into their losing record. I love minions, so I’m considering how to use that for my next project. I haven’t made any hats yet, so I may try that … or perhaps try a minion amigurumi.

What feels like your favorite/greatest crochet accomplishment? 
It’d probably be finishing my first afghan.

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What feels like the worst crochet mistake/foible/wrong choice youve ever made? 
I’d always been told to buy all your yarn at once. Well, I didn’t follow that advice once, and you can clearly see a patch in the afghan that’s slightly different due to the yarn being from a different batch. Thankfully, it was one I had planned to keep for myself.

Do you have a favorite yarn you like to work with? 
March Reader Who Crochets: Leslie McKee 16
I generally stick with the brand my gram used to teach me to crochet: Red Heart. However, I’ve used a few different brands when going with softer yarn for a baby blanket.

Metal or wood crochet needles? 

White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate? 
Without a doubt…dark chocolate! (I can eat milk chocolate, but I don’t like white chocolate at all.)

Coffee or tea? 
Tea, particularly herbal/decaf ones. My favorite splurge is pumpkin chai tea from my church.

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Whats your favorite Allie novel? 
A Heart to Heal – I used to be a special education teacher, so I was able to have a bit of a personal connection to it.

What are you reading now? 
March Reader Who Crochets: Leslie McKee 18
I’m always reading review books.  I just finished The Ringmaster’s Wife by Kristy Cambron (June release). I just started reading Small-Town Nanny by Lee Tobin McClain (June release) and Playing the Part by Jen Turano (March release).

Do you have a favorite stitching character from a book, movie, or television show? 
March Reader Who Crochets: Leslie McKee 19
Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter books. She’s always making sweaters for her children and Harry. (I also like how Dumbledore mentions knitting patterns!)

Give a shout out to your favorite local yarn store: 
I actually get the majority of my materials from 
2601 W Lake Ave B8
Peoria, IL 61615

Thanks to our friends at Cascade, Leslie gets 10 hanks of Cascade 220 in Caribbean and a copy of Bluegrass Hero.  She chose a copy of A Heart to Heal for her friend.  If you'd like to be featured in a future "Reader Who Knits/Crochets" post, send an email to
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