Maverick Cowl From Lucky Ewe Yarn - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Maverick Cowl from Lucky Ewe Yarn - Day 2

Have I got the blues?

Maverick Cowl from Lucky Ewe Yarn - Day 2 8
What a stunning blue this is.  I’ve been wracking my brain for what to call the color—Maverick’s label of “Wink” doesn’t really communicate the hue. It’s too deep for turquoise, too light for royal. Then I thought, “There’s got to be an app for that.”

Turns out, there sort of is. And what better place to turn for color identification than the good folks at Crayola?  Near as I can tell, this is "Pacific Blue." Which makes sense, because it strikes me as the color I think water is when viewed from a Caribbean beach. Not that I know from personal experience (a future DestiKNITion, maybe? Anyone have a tropical yarn shop to suggest I visit?)

Maverick Cowl from Lucky Ewe Yarn - Day 2 9
This is the web, so maybe there’s help there. If you look it up on the internet HTML color chart, my guess is this is HEX#006699. Not as romantic as Pacific Blue, but perhaps more accurate.  Which could be useful, because like many blues and greens, the camera has a tough time accurately capturing the beauty of this hue.  

Whatever it is, it’s one of those yarns that catches people’s eye.  They stop and ask, what are you knitting? I love that. I’ll happily stop whatever I’m doing to tell them about the project and the fiber.  Knitters are like that. We love to share.

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Maverick Cowl from Lucky Ewe Yarn - Day 2 10
This pattern’s clever simplicity makes for great spectator knitting. I can go whole rows of knit stitch without ever once looking down (not quite as true on the YOK2TOG rows, but close). I took it to an outdoor concert yesterday and enjoyed myself immensely. I’ve got a book group and two long meetings coming up this week—needles at the ready!
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