Meet Me At The Ryman Wrap From Haus Of Yarn - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Meet me at The Ryman Wrap from Haus of Yarn - Day 2

Through the windows...

Meet me at The Ryman Wrap from Haus of Yarn - Day 2 6
I finally made it through all three repeats of the “window” pattern.  Since I was using stitch markers, things got a bit tricky on row 13 when everything moved over a stitch, but on row 14 it returned to live happily inside the margins I’d set with my stitch markers.  I find it so useful to know I have the right number of stitches inside each repeat of a hard-to-see pattern like this.

Meet me at The Ryman Wrap from Haus of Yarn - Day 2 7
Now that I’ve created the edge of my stole, I took the time to weigh it.  Chances are very high that I’ll add a bit to the middle, tall as I am.  Too often a pattern is written without enough length to really suit me.  I need to make sure, however, that I don’t add so much to the middle that I don’t have sufficient yarn to finish the piece.  Now that I’ve weighed it, I’ll know I need to stop when I have about 40g left in order to ensure I have enough yarn to do the second edge.  More likely, I’ll stop at 50 or 60g, just to be sure.  Nothing is worse than running out of yarn with only an inch to go (and yes, I’ve been there.)

Jo Strong's lovely design isn’t going to show off its full loveliness until blocking—I can see that right now.  But quality fiber such as this will block up beautifully!  I may not be able to see it now, but I can feel it in my fingers.  Wool knows how to behave, pure and simple.
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