Metalouse Shawl From Knit Nirvana - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 1

Clever, colorful, cuddly...

Stephen West is a big name in knitting these days.  A larger than life character to be sure, he’s earned his reputation with some of the most ingenious designs to be found anywhere.  In a sea of needlework, you can almost always pick out a West design for it’s modern style and graphic punch.  I’ve been hankering to make one of his shawls and not gotten the chance...until now.

Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 1 6
Thanks to the fine folks at Knit Nirvana, I’ll get my chance with the Metalouse Shawl.  Packed with the famous West eye for stunning graphics, this shawl makes good use of Noro’s exceptional colorways by stacking ridges of color in a triangle form.

The shawl is begun at the top center (I know, I know, another project where the rows only get longer….) with a tricky bit of casting on and turning.  No worries, though, West points us to a nice, clear photo tutorial to get us up and running with ease. 

Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 1 7
The best part of this shawl so far?  I finally get my hands on a SOFT Noro yarn!  While I’ve always been a huge fan of their luscious colors, I have never liked the texture…until now.  This Shiraito cashmere/angora/wool blend is a soft as you’d think given the fiber content.  A Noro that’s the best of both worlds—gorgeous color and ahh-soft feel.  I couldn’t ask for a better knitting experience.

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