Metalouse Shawl From Knit Nirvana - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 3

Bet you saw this coming...

You know how I’m always saying life is like knitting and knitting is like life?

Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 3 6
Just like in life, cheating in knitting almost always comes back to bite you.  There I was, happily stitching along in my self-congratulatory cleverness, thinking I’d outwitted my own mistake.  It only took five or six more rows, however, for me to realize that NO, I could not just clip the yarn and start from the opposite end.  My right and wrong sides were correct back when I thought I’d switched them  In correcting an error that wasn’t really there, I just made a whole host of new ones.  

This meant…you guessed it…ripping out twice as many rows as I would have if I’d just admitted my mistake and gone back to make it right.  Sigh.  Another life lesson confirmed in knitting.  Cheaters never prosper—they only frog and tink.

Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 3 7
My original error was holding the yarn on the wrong side of my work when I slipped the stitches.  Because I was pearling, I held it to the front.   But I was working on the right side—I should have held it to the back.  Had I really stopped to examine my work, I’d have seen it.  But no, I was too engrossed in progress to pay sufficient attention to process.

Mea culpa, DestiKNITters, I have led you astray.  Learn from me.  Ten 200+ stitch rows takes a LONG time to rip out and redo.  Save yourselves!

Students of my time management for writers class are probably laughing right now, recalling a favorite book title I often quote: "If You Haven't Got the Time to Do it Right, When Will You Find the Time to Do it Over?"
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