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Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 4

A week filled with knitting...

Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 4 8
Now that I've settled into the rhythm of this section, it's humming along nicely.  I was worried about the difference in thickness of the two yarns, but that doesn't seem to be a problem at all.  I keep looking at this piece and thinking about Easter--that's what this colorway reminds me of more than anything else

It's been a hectic week for me, but one filled with knitting.  I turned in a book to my publisher that  has a lovely knitting element in the plot--the sequel to my WWI sock knitting novel HOMEFRONT HERO
Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 4 9

The following day, the fourth book my Gordon Falls series A HEART TO HEAL was released.  This book, like most of my Gordon Falls series, has the prayer shawl knitting ministry interwoven into its story.  I love how many readers have written to tell me of the prayer shawls they knit or have asked me how to start a prayer shawl ministry where they live.  Knitters are a caring bunch of people!

Metalouse Shawl from Knit Nirvana - Day 4 10
Then, next week, I get to do a book signing and give-away of A HEART TO HEAL at STITCHES MIDWEST and meet even more knitting readers!  If you are in the Chicago area and planning to come to this massive, marvelous yarn event, stop by the Mia Bella booth at 12:30 Saturday August 9, say hello, and get a free novel!  But be prompt--we have a limited supply and last year they were gone in fifteen minutes!

How wonderful and gratifying that my passion for knitting touches so many areas of my life.  And I get to share the triumphs, the travels--and the mistakes--all with you!
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