Multi Textured Vest From Fiberwood Studio - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Multi Textured Vest from Fiberwood Studio - Day 3

Armhole Achieved!
Multi Textured Vest from Fiberwood Studio - Day 3 6It’s funny how projects align.  My last project, the Brady Scarf, created little Swiss cheese holes by binding off and casting on.  Now, for this Multi Textured Vest, I’m creating a great big armhole by exactly the same method.  That’s part of the wonder of knitting--you can get such diverse results from the same skill set.  I hadn’t thought of these projects as so closely related, but they are indeed:  blocks of garter set off by specific bind off/cast on openings.

After all this time, knitting can still surprise me.  I love that.

Multi Textured Vest from Fiberwood Studio - Day 3 7
We in the Chicago area had massive storms over the weekend, which means our family has been without electricity for three days.  Knitting, blissfully, is a non-electric activity!  Provided I could find enough light--and hopefully a bit of a breeze as the days have topped 100 the entire stretch--I could knit.  This was a tricky week before the power went out, and I found myself ever-so-thankful for the calming quality of knitting.  When I say it is “my drug of choice,” I’m only half-kidding.  Music and knitting are my favorite calming agents, and when Pandora can’t be charged up, I’m down to only knitting to soothe my spirits.  I’m so very grateful it worked.  Give me enough fascinating knitting, and I can cope with just about anything.

The fact that my darling husband plugged my beloved Keurig coffee machine into the generator this morning...well that helped, too!  
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