Multi Textured Vest From Fiberwood Studio - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Multi Textured Vest from Fiberwood Studio - Day 4

The back 52...uh...70
Multi Textured Vest from Fiberwood Studio - Day 4 4
I’m going to admit that this pattern’s continual expansion is making me feel...well, large.  

I do realize I’m not a small gal.  Those tiny, artsy folk--the ones who can wear pixie haircuts and cropped sweaters--make me yearn for a smaller version of my tall-and-ample self.  After 50 years of large-person existence, I have learned the myth of “one size fits all.”  Still, there are days where it stings just a bit.

Here I was, reaching the 52nd row that marked completion on the back of this vest.  I was delighted to get ready for the second armhole, loving the colors and textures, all that stuff.

And then I tried it on.  There is no way those 52 rows will ever reach across my back.  Not without blocking those stitches within an inch of their lives, which sort of defeats the whole purpose of a “free form” vest, don’t you think?

Sigh.  Back to my relational equations I go, telling me I’d better expand my 52 rows to 70 if this vest is going to have any hopes of fitting someone like me.  Funny thing is, the front 88 rows look just fine.  Still, it’s quite clear I need a bit more room in back, so I’ll see you in another 18 rows.

Yippee, numbers (if “sarcastic meh” had a font, I’d have used it here). Bathroom scales have numbers, too, so you can guess how delighted I am with numbers lately.

I will be knitting those 18 additional rows in the company of electricity, however.  And AC.  And after nearly 5 days above 100 degrees (more sinister numbers, I tell you!), I’m choosing gratitude.
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