Multi Textured Vest From Fiberwood Studio - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Multi Textured Vest from Fiberwood Studio - Day 5

Bigger is better...

Multi Textured Vest from Fiberwood Studio - Day 5 8Adding those extra rows to the back was definitely the right thing to do.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that certain knitting projects are garments, not just art.  If they fit poorly, all the stitchwork and fiber in the world won’t redeem them.  And I am not among the “just knit it and find someone it will fit” school of knitters. If I like something, I want to like it on me when I’m done.
It’s why even if the yarn is the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen on  God’s green earth, if it’s orange or yellow, it’s a no.  I look ill in those colors, no matter what.  Coral, salmon, anything in that warm/bright category.  I’m a card-carying “winter”--cool, bright colors, pastels and neutrals only if used with care.

Multi Textured Vest from Fiberwood Studio - Day 5 9
As I spread out this piece to photograph, I was reminded of knitting’s transformational qualities.  On a flat surface, this is essentially a large rectangle with two holes.  That doesn’t sound especially flattering.  That’s the thing about knitting with a drapey fiber, though, it doesn’t stay flat.  And Barbara at Fiberwood Studio is smart enough to knit this side-to-side to accentuate that quality.  As such, this piece curves when you put it on.  Straight lines become angles, edges become arcs, and the art of fiber art happens.  I never get tired of that, ever.

Multi Textured Vest from Fiberwood Studio - Day 5 10
I never get tired of new things to do with yarn, and today I have a bonus for you!  A young friend of mine with a very clever eye for design has created this pattern called a What's It?.  A quirky little squiggly thing done up in a series of crochet spirals around a circular base, it can be anything from a cat toy to a baby toy to a package decoration or an embellishment. 

I’ve never, ever taken to crochet (despite numerous efforts), but even I had to smile when I made one of these.  Pop on over to Ravelry or click the name above to snag the pattern for yourself.  Show a young fiber friend how DestiKNITters can support!
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