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Pine Tree Cowl from Flying Fingers - Day 3


Pine Tree Cowl from Flying Fingers - Day 3 6
The more I knit, the more I like.  This cowl is easy, filled with texture, and…yes…very fluffy.  I love the ripply texture even though I know much of that will flatten out once it’s blocked.  I could almost see expanding this out in a flat project to make the most delicate baby blanket in a pastel pink or blue.

Pine Tree Cowl from Flying Fingers - Day 3 7
I’ve done 7 cycles of the five-row repeat, so I’m roughly two-thirds of the way through the 10 cycles called for in Fanelli’s pattern.  Honestly, if I’ve got yarn left over when I get to ten, I may be hard-pressed not to continue (but I need to remember that I’ll need to have five rows of yarn left wherever I decide to stop).  How could more fluffy be a bad thing, right?  Then again, I don’t need to be walking around looking like a cloud formation just settled around my neck.

Moderation…it nearly always eludes me in knitting and life.  When I like a pattern, I want to make ten of them.  When I like a desert, I want to eat three of them.  When I like an author, I buy everything he or she has written.  Obsessive?  That’s one way to put it.  I prefer the term “enthusiastic.”

Allie Pleiter, certified yarn enthusiast.  I like the sound of that.
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