Pine Tree Cowl From Flying Fingers - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Pine Tree Cowl from Flying Fingers - Day 4

Once more around the needles?

Pine Tree Cowl from Flying Fingers - Day 4 6
As a matter of fact, I did have enough yarn to go for an 11th cycle of the 5-row repeat.  Rereading the directions, I’m not entirely sure that isn’t what the designer had in mind all along.  After all, the direction read “Repeat rounds 1-5 a total of 10 times.” Does that mean 10 repeats of rows 1-5 (i.e. one and then ten repeats), or 10 repeats total.  Does it really matter?  Why waste splendid yarn as a tiny ball of leftovers when it can make my fluffy cowl just a bit more fluffy?

I’ve decided to pair this cowl with a red sweater for my Christmas Eve outfit—we do church on Christmas Eve.  Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect sparkly pin to give it that festive holiday dash.  I’m envisioning a silver snowflake.  

Pine Tree Cowl from Flying Fingers - Day 4 7
I love the delicate-yet-dramatic texture this cowl manages to achieve.  Even though I’m not a small woman, all the bold big and chunky cowls never seem to suit me.  I need drape, not heft.  And yet truly delicate or small-scale accessories don’t fit my style either.  I’m always happy when I find something that has the statement I need without the volume I don’t.  

I’m looking forward to binding this off and seeing if it looks as lovely around my neck as it does on the needles!
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