Quirky Bird Knits Lady's Mantle From Knitter's Mercantile - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Quirky Bird Knits Lady's Mantle from Knitter's Mercantile - Day 4

More Art, Less Following Directions...

I’ve gotten to the lovely point in this pattern where I no longer have to look at the instructions.  I can read which row I am on by the stitches on the needles, and I’ve learned where the slipped stitches and yarn overs go in each row.  
Quirky Bird Knits Lady's Mantle from Knitter's Mercantile - Day 4 4

I love that point in a project.  Not being much of a cook, I rarely get to the point where I can go without a recipe, but I always feel so smart when I achieve that level of competence.  For me, it is when I become more of an “artist” and less of someone “following directions.”  

I’m at a conference attending lots of informational sessions, so knitting has been my companion.  You’ve heard me say it before: I knit so I can pay attention.  It’s essentially socially acceptable fidgeting.  I can quiet my mind by occupying my hands.  I’m not distracting myself if I’m knitting, I’m focusing myself so I can better hear what you’re saying.  Sometimes people understand this easily, other times I feel like I have to explain myself to keep from the misconception of disrespect or inattention.

I love the way this pattern takes advantage of the color changes in the yarn.  I makes for a stunning piece.  The texture has a lot of substance, and yet still drapes wonderfully.  Yes, it will definitely be narrower (widthwise, since this is knit top to bottom), but I think I’ll like it even better that way--it’s a bit early to say.
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