Rose Garden Shawl From Knit N Purl - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Rose Garden Shawl From Knit N Purl - Day 5

Close, but...

The garter stitch section of this is a new mini-torture version of the top down shawl.  This section has garter short rows that start at the bottom of the shawl’s curve and increase their way up to the top.  You get all excited, thinking you’ve finally finished pulling your hair out over the lace section.  It’s nothing but coasting, all garter stitch simplicity until the top, right?  Quick and easy.

Rose Garden Shawl From Knit N Purl - Day 5 6

Not so fast, sister.

Every row gets longer and longer until your fingers ache. You can see the beauty emerging, but you can’t reach it.  You’ve got to work your way all the way from the center to the edges, and instead of exciting, it starts to feel tedious.  That last row before you bind off feels like it takes 17 hours instead of the 17 minutes it took me (I timed it).

Rose Garden Shawl From Knit N Purl - Day 5 7
But I’m done.  I’ve finished everything but Jenny’s Stretchy Bind Off, which I can’t bear to do until tomorrow since you have to work each stitch multiple times.  Then I will block this shawl into it’s true, lovely form and show it off with great pride.

I’ve got the outfit all picked out for it.  I think it’s so funny when people come up to me and say “You always seem to have just the right shawl or scarf for your outfit.”  What they don’t realize is that it works the other way around—I match the outfit to the shawl.  Because, really, it’s all about the knitting right?
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