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“Selbucozy” bottle cozy from The Sow’s Ear - Day 1

It gets me thinkin'...

“Selbucozy” bottle cozy from The Sow’s Ear - Day 1 8
Travel knitting is a finely tuned art.  When contemplating air travel, I like to make sure my projects are small and engaging.  Not a good place for endless rows of large-scale garter stitch.  Socks, mitts, hats, certain scarves, and other such small-scale projects are perfect travel knitting.

You get this.  You understand the importance of slating your cue of projects in just the right order.  Unlike my engineer husband, you completely recognize the sanity in my taking 30 minutes and a calendar to decide the order of three pending projects to be sure I’d be tackling the right one at the right point in my travel calendar.  You find it normal that I needed to have these vital issues settled before I packed my suitcase.  Clothes?  You can make that up as you go along.  Knitting?  You gotta have the right project.  And, if you truly a fanatic, you gotta have a spare project just in case you finish your primary project.  Because you never, ever want to get caught without knitting.

Hands up if you’ve ever actually finished the primary project and actually tackled the “in case” project.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Nope, not me either.

“Selbucozy” bottle cozy from The Sow’s Ear - Day 1 9
It was with great satisfaction of foresight, then, that I cast on the Nordic delight that is the Selbucozy from The Sow's Ear.  A color-work bottle cozy designed to add a spash of panache to your bottle of beer.  A sock for your suds, if you will.  I'm a wordsmith by trade; I could go on--but I’ll spare you.

Now, I am not a beer drinker, but my husband and now-21-year-old-so-I-can-admit-it-in-public daughter are, so they may have to fight over this one.  Still, it’s black and white--one my favorite color combos, so perhaps I will discover a beverage in a suitable bottle to employ this charming project.
“Selbucozy” bottle cozy from The Sow’s Ear - Day 1 10

Two-handed color work on double pointed needles!  That’s the brain surgery of knitting.  They say you should tax your brain a bit beyond its capabilities every now and then to keep it nimble and stave off dimmentia.  I think I’ve got that covered with this one.
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