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“Selbucozy” bottle cozy from The Sow’s Ear - Day 2

Hello, Hiya!

“Selbucozy” bottle cozy from The Sow’s Ear - Day 2 8
So, after a dozen rows of two-handed color work on double pointed needles, I was looking for a way to simplify things--especially since I had plane travel in my schedule.  So I decided to swap out my dpn’s for the unique 9-inch circular needle that Hiya-Hiya makes.  

“Selbucozy” bottle cozy from The Sow’s Ear - Day 2 9
Mostly used for socks, it was just the right size to take down the point count on this project from eight to two.  I checked with the folks at The Sow’s Ear, and while no one had ever done the Selbucozy on a 9-inch circ, she didn’t seem to think there was any reason why it wouldn’t work.  Am I willing to trailblaze in the world of knitting?  Absolutely--although I don’t think this swap counts as anything close to a ground-breaking technique.

“Selbucozy” bottle cozy from The Sow’s Ear - Day 2 10
I’m delighted with the results.  While I admit the needle is a bit tricky to wield at first, and I’d never use it to cast on or do the first ten rows or so, once a project is well underway it’s a useful simplification.  I do recommend, however, that you make sure you have a pair of point protectors to keep your work intact in between knitting sessions--stitches tend to slip off these with a bit too much ease.

Like most small projects, the fast results is highly satisfying.  When I’m in the middle of a book, my deadline always feel a thousand days (and hence daily word-counts) away.  It’s nice to meet small goals with pleasant ease.  Yea, knitting!
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