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Smocked Slouch from Genuine Purl - Done!

Smocked Slouch from Genuine Purl - Done! 8
It’s finished.

I can’t decide if I love it, and that’s SO frustrating. 

On the one hand, it’s so warm and comfortable.  I actually like the extra room, and I seem to be all about green this year, so the color appeals to me.

Smocked Slouch from Genuine Purl - Done! 9
On the other hand, I put it on my head and think “Are you sure you can pull this off?  Are you sure you should pull this off?”  In the back of my brain I hear passersby snickering and thinking unkind thoughts the way I do when someone wears leggings as pants.  You know, I’d stand up on a soapbox in the middle of Times Square and reprimand the female half of the world for wearing leggings as pants.  If I can see all of your backside--or worse yet, if I can clearly see what color underwear you have on--you need more substantial pants, sister!

Ahem.  I digress.  It’s a gift.

Smocked Slouch from Genuine Purl - Done! 10
I do like the hat.  I wore it shoveling the huge amounts of snow that dumped on Chicago this week, and I have to say I’m impressed that it didn’t totally destroy my hair (see left--no small feat!).  I have not yet mustered the gumption to wear it out and about.  I, who drive a moss-green Nissan Cube, a car some people (i.e. my teenage son) consider the ugliest car ever made but which I adore, have no business being hesitant about a hat.

After all, there’s quirky, and then there’s just plain in appropriate.  Me in a Cube?  That’s quirky.  Me in a bikini?  Inappropriate for at least another 25 pounds, and probably not even then.

But, really, it’s either a quirky or inappropriate HAT, not a national crisis.  DestiKNITters, what do you think?   Should I wear it proudly, as a reminder of my wonderful visit to Genuine Purl in Chattanooga or tell my 20-something daughter she has a new hat?
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