Spiral Pouch From A Knitted Peace - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Spiral Pouch from A Knitted Peace - Day 2

Never get cocky...get coffee.

Spiral Pouch from A Knitted Peace - Day 2 6
There are eight ribs to this pattern, essentially making a ridged parallelogram.  I figured that by the third rib I’d have the pattern down, more or less.  After all, it’s a simple decrease on one side and increase on the other to make the slanting sides of our piece.  By now, I’d like to think I know my knits from my purls, and can count higher than eight.

Yeah, well...

I spent Saturday morning at my lovely local library’s open knitting session, chatting with my knitting buddies.  I’m having a charming time...until I look down and notice that my parallelogram has taken a wrong turn.  I’ve got a corner where there definitely should NOT be a corner, and the latest ridge is clearly thicker than its previous cousins.

Spiral Pouch from A Knitted Peace - Day 2 7
Pulling out your stitches is not fun, but having to yank out your stitches in public, well that’s less fun.  The fact that it took me two tries to find my way back into the pattern, even less fun.  Incompetence on Parade.  Ick.

The good news is that I’m back on track, but not taking anything for granted.  I’m keeping count of my rows on paper rather than trusting my brain.  It’s really best for everyone.  

Maybe I’d better go make some more coffee.
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