Spiral Pouch From A Knitted Peace - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Spiral Pouch from A Knitted Peace - Day 4

Holy Moses, it worked!

Spiral Pouch from A Knitted Peace - Day 4 6Right up until the last minute, I was reading the instructions and shaking my head, unable to see how this joining was going to work.  Even when I started the stitching (which took reading the directions no less than three times), I continued to doubt.  I wasn’t even convinced the ridges would line up--it seemed like I’d end up with double hills or double valleys, not the nicely rippling spiral that gives this pouch its character.

Slowly, as I stitched, I began to see how the graft would take place.  As I worked my way up the piece, a portion of the turquoise began to disappear under a new row of purple/pink yarn.

Spiral Pouch from A Knitted Peace - Day 4 7
It wasn’t until I turned the piece right side out that I saw the magic.  A perfectly situated valley between two hills, and the two strips of waste yarn clearly ready to be cut away.  No kidding, I actually giggled with delight as I cut away the turquoise.  I had that moment all knitters know:  where you show your spouse something truly amazing about your knitting, and he looks at you as if you’ve become too easily amused by completely unimpressive events.

Unimpressive my foot!  This is downright masterful.  Lucy Neatby, I apologize for ever doubting your brilliance.  This is absolutely a great graft. 
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