The End Of Year Click-Thru Tour...and A Farewell Of Sorts | Author Allie Pleiter

The End of Year Click-Thru Tour...and a farewell of sorts

Each year I take stock of my past adventures and round up my favorite posts from the previous months. This year is no exception--except that it is.

After eight years of yarny adventures, it’s time for a change.I’ll be taking my writing and speaking careers in new directions in 2018, so today's collection represents a “goodbye” of sorts to the blog you’ve known and loved (and followed).

I need to focus my creative energy in places other than knitting on a deadline.

It’s not that I’m stopping knitting—heaven knows I could never do that! I’ll just stop posting on a regular schedule to this blog.

I won't take the blog down, and I doubt I'll disappear completely. I’ll simply fill you in when projects (of my own choosing for the first time since 2009!) get completed, when travel takes me to unique places (and yarn shops!), or when I feel I have something interesting to say (which, knowing me, may be often!). I expect I'll be more active on Ravelry--where you can find and friend me as Alliewriter--so come on over and suggest projects to me there now that I'm free to knit whatever, whenever, and wherever I like.

So, as my 7th annual "bind off" to the year, here are my favorite posts from 2017:

Thanks, DestiKNITters, for your support, comments, and delightful company on my adventures these past years. I’ve had loads of fun. That won’t stop, it will just be a bit more serendipitous now.

Blessings to all of you, and happiest of yarn adventures in the coming year!

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