Tofu Baby Sweater From Flying Fingers - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 1

Before anyone gets to making unwarranted assumptions:  There are no babies in my life.

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 1 8
Grandchildren are far off on the distant horizon, and I have no nieces or nephews soon to be parents.  This baby sweater is simply the result of Elise Goldschlag not being able to make up her mind which project to give me.

It makes it kind of fun, this lack of pressure.  Some baby some day will be blessed by my knitting, but I’ve no idea who or when.  There’s a certain adventurous spirit in knitting for an unknown recipient.  The last time I did it, I ended up with the intended little girl right under my nose!  I always trust that the perfect person will show up in my life when the project is finished.  It’s always happened, so I have faith that it will happen this time as well.

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 1 9

I must say I am a particular fan of bold baby colors.  Pastels are sweet and all, but I’ve always liked baby projects in bright hues.  They feel extra cheery and playful to me.   The soy ribbon yarn is so soft and shows off the stitches with such zeal that I’m quite enjoying myself (if you don’t count the endless untwisting).  

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 1 10

The small size also makes for quick progress—I’ve only made two adult sweaters in my knitting lifetime, and both were marathon efforts with less-than stellar results.  Baby togs guarantee quick and satisfying outcomes.  

Eleven inches of stockinette for the back?  Piece of cake.

Or is that piece of teething biscuit?
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