Tofu Baby Sweater From Flying Fingers - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 2

Outsmarting myself…hopefully

The next two sections of this sweater—mainly the two front pieces and the sleeves—come in pairs.  Now over a decade of pair-less  (not “peerless,” “pair-less,” as in all alone without a mate) sock knitting has taught me that duplicate tasks don’t sit too well with me.  Attention must be paid.

I’ve decided the best way to ensure I don’t botch this is to do both pairs simultaneously.  This requires a bit of pattern interpretation—but not yet.  Thankfully for me, the first 9 1/2 inches of the front sections are identical.  And they're supposed to end up looking identical, which is another fine reason to make them simultaneously.  Sure, it took a little brainpower and some labeling to ensure that row 12 on one side was completed the other, etc.  And yes, I had to go back and fix a few things more than once.

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 2 4
The result is, however, that I’m sitting looking at two identical front panels…so far.  Now, bolstered by this success, I’m pressing on toward the tricky business of adding the neck shaping.  This will entail more labeling, and the higher level of concentration required to read two sets of directions at the same time.  Hey, I’m a risk-taker.  Challenging those brain cells is supposed to keep them young, right?

Besides, if it does’t work out, I’m sure it will make for very entertaining blog content.
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