Tofu Baby Sweater From Flying Fingers - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 3

Hey, it worked!

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 3 8
Not perfectly, mind you, but I’m okay with that.  The neck shaping took a bit of concentration, and the arc isn’t perfect as you can see.   That won’t really matter I think, because I’ll be picking up stitches to do a ribbing band as a collar.  

Finally, I was able to manipulate the camera’s flash to give you a true picture of the sweater’s lovely vibrant color.  Blues are always so hard to photograph with any accuracy.

I have found it best to label each side—left and right—just to keep my progress across both pieces in order.  This will be especially useful for the sleeves, which will have no neck shaping to tell them apart.  If I don’t label, I may end up going back over one sleeve without doing the corresponding row on the second sleeve (a problem I encountered with the identical part of the front panels).  

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 3 9
I like to label with these little gems. The marvelous Starla from Crafty Hands in Bowling Green KY taught me this trick with basic Clover locking markers, but there are several pre-made beauties out there as well if you want to get fancy.

You’d think, given that each panel or sleeve has a right and wrong side, that I could keep this straight without the extra step of labeling.  Evidently not.  My knitting life has taught me that I am far better off opting for stitch markers and labeling than relying on smarts.

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Day 3 10

It’s New Years Eve at DestiKNITions HQ, and how am I spending it?  With my knitting, a nice homemade Moscow Mule (requisite copper mug included), and Doctor Who episodes. Call me dull—I don’t care.  I’ll be happy.

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