Uliuli Wai Shawl From Needlecraft Cottage - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Uliuli Wai Shawl from Needlecraft Cottage - Day 1

Baah, baah, blue yarn...

Uliuli Wai Shawl from Needlecraft Cottage - Day 1 6

Oh, the color.

It’s exquisite—deep and rich, dipping down into darker tones and then coming back into a brilliant peacock blue that catches the eye.  No photograph within my skill can manage to capture it, so check out the Baah website for a glimpse at the true color genius Mira brings to all her line.

And it’s not just me.  Every time I pull this out in public, I hear ooohs and aaahs from knitters and non-knitters alike.  The color is simply breathtaking.  Liz was smart to grab it up as her store’s exclusive colorway—this is a find!

Uliuli Wai Shawl from Needlecraft Cottage - Day 1 7

Sometimes a fiber looks lovely in the hank but the knitted fabric doesn’t pack the same punch.  Not so here.  It’s just as lovely knitted up as it is in the swirling beauty of the hank.

Speaking of color, I ran into a few articles on the psychology of color the other day.  Since my mind has been thinking about color, I decided to check out what my attraction to this blue might mean.  Blue, it seems, has a lot of hefty meaning associated with it.  Sure, there’s the classic “having the blues,” but according to art therapists, it also signifies faith, security, peace and cooperation, confidence and coolness.  Both Egyptian and Chinese cultures used color therapy for healing, believing blue could soothe illnesses and treat pain.  Claims have been made that people are more productive in blue rooms, making me glad my new office is painted in blue hues.  On another interesting note, blue is cited as the least appetizing color— I should eat off blue plates if I want eat less! At least this explains my aversion to blue Gatorade, Kool-Aid, and Jell-O.

No matter whether you buy into color psychology theory or not, knitters know yarn of a pleasing color is a fine thing to knit.  I’ve cast on and told myself to feel optimistic rather than daunted by the prospect of the ever-increasing rows before me. On toward blue beauty!
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