Uliuli Wai Shawl From Needlecraft Cottage - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Uliuli Wai Shawl from Needlecraft Cottage - Day 5

Fun...and not so fun...

It has returned.

Uliuli Wai Shawl from Needlecraft Cottage - Day 5 10
The curse of the never-ending top-down shawl rows is back.  I kid you not, these final ten rows are taking me almost an hour each (including the purl row back, granted, but all those purls are killing me!).  I’m seriously doubting I’ll get this thing done, cast off, and blocked in only six episodes.  

As such, I’m coining a new DestiKNITions phrase:  the “sevener.”  It means a project that is too complicated to get done in six posts.

This is most definitely a sevener.

Uliuli Wai Shawl from Needlecraft Cottage - Day 5 11
It is, however, one awesome sevener.  The exquisite color, the lovely lace, all of it.  I have to go shopping for an awards ceremony dress this week (I’m delighted to report that my 2014 novel A Heart to Heal won the Best Love Inspired Reviewer's Choice award from RT Book Reviews Magazine), and you can bet I’ll be keeping a special eye out for gowns that would coordinate with this shawl.

Uliuli Wai Shawl from Needlecraft Cottage - Day 5 12
Speaking of special, here’s a special shout-out to all of you readers who entered the Love Inspired Knits sweepstakes last week celebrating the release of my newest knitting novel, The Doctor’s Undoing.  I had such fun looking at all the entries!   The lucky winner (tbd, as of press-time) will get to choose from a very nice selection of Cascade 220 yarn.  There aren’t too many things more fun than giving away free books and yarn!

Uliuli Wai Shawl from Needlecraft Cottage - Day 5 13
...And more special stuff!  If you read my last post, you know I harbor a bit of an Outlander obsession.  During my book tour gig last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the author of the Outlander series, Diana Gabaldon herself!  A big thrill for me, and I told her so--along with the fact that I'd written a blog post about the lovely knitwear featured on the show.  

It's nifty when all my worlds--writing, knitting, reading--collide into one fabulous experience.
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