Willow Cowl From Sin City Knit Shop - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 1

Sunset stitches...

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 1 8
After all those tiny size 0 stitches in the Yellow Rose Mitts, these size 5 needles feel delightfully large.  The stitches are still delicate—I’m not a fan of chunky scarves or cowls—but not tiny.  The continual rounds of stockinette make for quick knitting and fast progress.  That’s the ideal compliment to the slow-going intricacy of my earlier project.  Knitting is delightfully diverse that way.

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 1 9
Now, my history with picot edging is a sketchy one.  It doesn’t always work nicely for me, so I can say I’m nervous that it won’t turn out to my satisfaction.  I’ve got the necessary rows laid out flat now, and my next step will be to execute the classic fold-over that picks up the stitches from the cast-on row and creates the charming little points we think of for picot edging.

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 1 10
Red Rocks  Entertainment photo
I’d never put oranges, pinks, and roses together—they’re not colors I usually wear.  Still, I like this “Red Rock” colorway.  It not only calls up the memory of my evening at Colorado’s famed Red Rocks amphitheater (so memorable I made it the location for a scene in my book The Firefighter’s Match), but looks to me like the colors of a sunset in the desert.  At least what I’d imagine sunsets in the desert to look like, since I tend to shun very hot places.

Of course, Vegas is just that—a place in the desert—but I don’t think the view from my hotel window really qualifies.

Onward to see if I can master the picot edge.
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