Willow Cowl From Sin City Knit Shop - Day 5 | Author Allie Pleiter

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 5

...And again.

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 5 6
I’ll admit, I’d like this to be a bit more exciting by now.  This cowl would be what I call a “Little League” project—something good to do while the majority of your attention is on something else.  I got a tremendous amount of knitting done while my son was in community baseball.  The mom in me wanted to be there, sitting and watching.  The businesswoman in me had trouble swallowing all that downtime.  So I knit.  And knit and knit. 

This is what keeps me addicted to knitting—it ensures no waiting or watching (or sitting in poorly run committee meetings) is ever in vain.

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 5 7
Fortunately, coverage of the Olympics has provided lots of sitting-in-front-of-the-television time.  Depending upon how much yarn I’ve got left (and I’ve got about half of what I started with), I’m looking at either one more repeat of the lace pattern, or two.  While I’m all for larger garments being a larger gal myself, I’m not sure I’ve got two lace pattern repeats in me.  I’m feeling a case of the “I wanna be done”s coming on.

There is a common syndrome among writers where once the end is in sight of your current book, a bunch of new characters begin singing their siren song in your ear.  It’s difficult to ignore all the fun new stories calling your name and stick to the discipline required to finish the book at hand.  

The same is true of knitting—today, all kinds of new yarn is calling my name.

I am a professional.  I will plug my ears, attach my blinders, and press on toward the finish line!
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