Willow Cowl From Sin City Knit Shop - Day 2 | Author Allie Pleiter

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 2

Going for the gold...

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 2 6
Well, you know, that didn’t turn out too badly.  It was tedious going, picking up that cast on edge, and I’m not quite sure I lined everything up perfectly.  In hindsight, I think it would have been smart to pin it in quarters like a hem. As it was, things didn’t quite match up at the end and I think the two sides were a little slanted on either side of the fold for the last inch.

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 2 7
Still, the edge has that lovely scalloped look that we all want from a picot edging. It also has a sturdy quality that will help it lay nicely.  As I mentioned, the way this cowl is structured impresses me.  It’s built to ripple nicely into almost concentric circles, thanks to an alternation of yarn-over lace and stockinette.

I’m using the first rows of yarn-over lace to build my continental yarn-over skills.  Often, when facing KTOG or YO, I default to my usual English throw style, but I’ve decided it’s time to improve my continental toolbox beyond the knit stitch.

I find I’m enjoying the little bit of sparkle in this fiber.  Normally I don’t go for the shiny stuff.  I don’t even use frosted lipstick or nail polish.  But this hint of gold somehow works, and it doesn’t feel like it will end up itchy.
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