Winter Wonder Mittens From FiberWild! - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Winter Wonder Mittens from FiberWild! - Day 1

Winter Wonder Mittens from FiberWild! - Day 1 1
I have met the Alpacas who will warm my hands.  I love that.  It’s like the Michael Pollan of fiber…I’ve gone and traced my way back to the origins of my food cycle or something.  I know this fiber’s origin (or at least its friends–I can’t actually say for certain that I’ve met Grant and Washington, but I’ve chummed it up with their herd for sure).
Winter Wonder Mittens from FiberWild! - Day 1 2
At first I was sure this yarn would be too fine.  Who wants lacy mittens?  I always think mittens must be dense and sturdy, but these Winter Wonder Mittens have a delicate quality to them.  I had forgotten the extra layer colorwork creates by carrying the second color along behind the first.  And alpaca is very warm despite feeling very light and astoundingly soft.  I suspect once these are blocked, they’ll be quite snuggly.  Right now they are promising to be beautiful.
Winter Wonder Mittens from FiberWild! - Day 1 3
This is not television knitting.  Attention must be paid when working a pattern like this.  You need the little post-it note trick, keeping track of you rows and stitches.  It’s like lace work in that regard. I ended up blocking the pattern into 10-stitch quadrants and putting stitch markers every ten inches so that I was only checking 10 stitches at a time, not an entire row’s worth of non-repeating pattern.

I’m excited, and looking forward to the rest of this project.
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