Wolly Wreath From The Village Yarn Shop - Day 1 | Author Allie Pleiter

Wolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 1

Kit can do...

Wolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 1 6

I like kits.  They feed the control freak in me—I’m certain to have all the materials I need in the color and fiber combinations that guarantee success.  There’s a time and place for assembling elements just the way I like them, and then there are times when I want one-stop shopping.  True or not, I’m always convinced that with a kit, there’s a reasonable chance I’ll end up with something that looks close to the picture on the cover.

Of course, there’s a whole Pinterest fail site ready to prove just how misleading visuals instructions can be.  Still, I persist in my misplaced optimism.

Wolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 1 7

I suppose you could use any fiber and get a pretty wreath, but we are fiber people after all.  Not just any yarn will do.  I like that Churchmouse has included a particularly nice fiber here, something pleasing to look at and nice to touch.  I know I’m in for a good experience when I get inspired just unwinding the hanks into balls.

I’ve read the instructions twice, and I’m still not sure quite how the stitching goes.  Stick with me until the next episode and we’ll see if I can master this loopy stitch.

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