Woolly Wreath From The Village Yarn Shop - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 3

Is it a scarf, a wreath, a beast?

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 3 8

I really do feel like I’m stitching up some sort of fuzzy animal.  Whenever I pull this out of my bag in public, people stop and ask questions.  Looks like an outrageous scarf, don’t you think?  It probably could be if I stopped here—which of course I won’t.  People are always astonished to find out I’m knitting a wreath.  Everybody wants pictures of the finished product.

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 3 9

As I said in my previous post, this is not as quick a project as you would think.  Because you work each stitch three times, it’s easy to miss a step.  I can't tell you how many times I finished a row with the wrong number of stitches!  Luckly, that is simple to remedy with a K2TOG because the true stitches are hidden behind all that loopy lushness.  The other thing I learned was to keep the finished product to my right, because my knitting needles kept getting caught in the loops if the thing was on my left.

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 3 10

It’s construction—rather than stitching—from here on in.  This makes me nervous.  Accomplished knitter that I am, many “crafts” elude me.  My parenting books sent me on a lot of speaking engagements to church mothers groups, and I’ve botched more MOPS Crafts than I care to admit.  And we will not discuss my track record with Play-Doh.

Next up, we build the frame.

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