Woolly Wreath From The Village Yarn Shop - Done! | Author Allie Pleiter

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Done!

Wreathed in glory...

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Done! 8

I’m soooooo pleased.  Perhaps my long streak of botched crafts is finally over!

Yes, I was a bit unnerved by this final step.  While it’s relatively straightforward, it does require a bit of artistic panache.  The same way putting flowers in a vase is relatively straightforward, but not everyone gets the same results.  I was worried the loops wouldn’t look lush enough, wouldn't turn out full and fluffy like the pattern photograph.  Knowing me, I end up with something that looked like a poodle just out of the bathtub.

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Done! 9

Nope, it worked.  Sure, I had to tweak things a bit—I had a long enough strip to wind my loopy fabric a round the frame the same way as the muslin rather than a simple cover, but it worked out exactly right.  Really, how often does that happen??  That’s the sign of a good kit—sets you up for success.

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Done! 10

I smile every time I walk by it.  I love that everyone in my home can see it.  I love that instead of just any old wreath, it’s a knitted wreath.  

Joy.  And given the winter we’ve had in Chicago, it’s a welcome boost of joy.  Thank you,  Village Yarn Shop, for a truly satisfying home decor knitting experience.

Next up, you find out just how wrong my tired little brain can go as we return to Kansas City so I can make up for past crimes…

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