Woolly Wreath From The Village Yarn Shop - Day 4 | Author Allie Pleiter

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 4

Getting crafty…

As I said, crafts other than knitting are not my thing.  I don’t scrapbook, garden, or any of that stuff.  I used to sew in my younger days, but that was more a function of my theater major costume shop training and the cost of clothes long enough to fit my near 6’ frame rather than any artistic desire.  I was into beads for a while, but nothing has ever stuck with me the way knitting has continued to do.

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 4 6

Turn my knitting into home decor?  The prospect makes me nervous.  I’ve done a pillow, but those are just knitting with stuffing in them.  I keep staring at the swath of loops sitting in my living room and wondering if they’ll look mangy when I get it on the frame.  I picture my husband coming home and saying, “what’s that growing out of the wall?”

The good news is that this part is relatively easy.  I take the white muslin supplied in my kit, cut in into 4” strips, and wrap it diagonally around the circular frame.  Hey, I should be able to handle that.

Woolly Wreath from The Village Yarn Shop - Day 4 7

And I do.  The muslin has just enough stretch—especially when wrapped on the diagonal—to hug the frame.  Even that doesn’t matter because this is just “primer” for the knitting overcoat to come.  So it’s easy for me to feel a modicum of success when I get this right.

I remain cautiously optimistic.  Stay tuned.

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