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Yikes! Not really the Galaxy Scarf, but sort of

Did you hear that long, agonizing wail over Chicago this afternoon?  It was me.  While I had brought my “doesn’t require too much attention” knitting project…a lovely pair of SpillyJane mittens, just as we were taking off I realized the ugly truth.
I had not brought my Galaxy Scarf.  I had planned a few hours of quiet knitting time during my New York trip, soaking in the Manhattan vibe while knocking off a couple of inches of the lace repeat.  
Yikes!  Not really the Galaxy Scarf, but sort of 1
It’s every knitter’s nightmare.  It’s why we pack an extra project in case we finish the first one we brought.  I cannot travel without knitting.  I spent the first ten minutes of the flight in a state of ridiculous panic.
The funniest part of all this?  I’ve got two stops at Manhattan yarn stores scheduled, so it’s not like I was going to some sort of yarn wasteland.  I’ll be near fiber, be amongst my kind, I’ll have access to yarn.
Isn’t it funny that we knitters are so prone to “startitis”–the incessant need to cast something else on no matter how many projects are currently in the works–but take a way a project unexpectedly and we’re sunk.  
So, here’s my pledge to you:  I’ll write a bit about some of the knitting I did bring with me while I’m here, and we’ll return to the Galaxy scarf next week.  
Today’s lesson: Don’t forget your knitting!
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