Zoom Loom Shelby Sheep Kit From The Woolery - Day 3 | Author Allie Pleiter

Zoom Loom Shelby Sheep Kit from The Woolery - Day 3

Rooting for squares...

Zoom Loom Shelby Sheep Kit from The Woolery - Day 3 4
All my nine squares are done!  I got faster and faster as I went along, and by the eighth and ninth squares I didn’t have to look at the directions.  This is still hard to do in all black, so reading glasses, a light surface underneath, and good lighting were essential.

I miss knitting.  I guess that means I truly am addicted.  I had to find time to knit each day as well, because as intriguing as I find this process, it doesn’t meet my creative and tactile needs the way knitting does. On the bright side, I guess that means my checkbook is safe from danger of any large, expensive loom purchases.  They look cool, but I have no hankering to own one.

I’m wondering if I’ll feel the same way about the upcoming assembly process.  27 1-inch pom-poms?  I’m cringing just thinking about it.  And sewing?  The huge pile of un-mended clothes in my house should give you a hint as to how much I like hand-sewing.  And I used to sew many of my own clothes in my 20s, so it’s not like I don’t know how.

What was fun was watching how the wool changed with a wash.  As the oils were bathed away, the fibers puffed up to make a near-solid fabric.  Beforehand, the cloth looked like too loose a weave and I had visions of my poor sheep leaking stuffing.  Nope, my little herd of black squares came out just right and ready for assembly.

Stick around—it should be fun to watch how nine black squares turn into a sheep body!
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