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Let Allie engage, entertain, and educate your audience

Has your event gone virtual? Allie is an experienced online presenter on multiple meeting platforms. Let her bring her energy and impact to your onscreen audiences.

Allie takes her enthusiasm anywhere. Her humor and insight can energize your conference, meeting, workshop, or retreat. Whether your audience size is 60 or 6,000, Allie will work with you to deliver an event that leaves your audience both laughing and learning.

Here’s just a sample of her available presentations:

For Professionals and General Audiences
  • The Momentum Secret: Get Productive and Stay That Way
    Today’s careers pull a professional in a dozen directions all at once. Making progress demands focus and momentum. Learn how to create a system that works with your personal productivity style to master deadlines and long term projects, defeat procrastination, and plot around obstacles.
  • Stay Upright When It All Goes Wrong
    The practical cure for “Take Your Drama to Work Day.” Learn sensible tools and tactics for staying productive and creative at work when the rest of your life is in chaos. Resilience is an essential—and yes, teachable—skill for today’s workforce.
  • The Five Friends Every Person Needs
    Discover what the different types of friends bring to life and work. Get inspired to gather your own “Friend Corps” for richer relationships, greater support, growth, and healthy boundaries.
For Writers Groups and Conferences
  • Finish That Book – Even When Life Gets in the Way
    Learn Allie’s popular and highly individualized Chunky Method for productive, dependable, and stress-free writing. Gain practical systems for any genre and multiple skill levels. Handbooks and downloadable e-tools available as well.
  • Dynamic Dialogue
    Strategies for getting the most out of what your characters say–and how they say it.
  • How to Write When It All Goes Wrong
    Is your muse shouting “SOS”? Learn sensible tools and tactics for any writer to stay productive and creative when the rest of your life is in chaos.
  • Perfect Pairings
    How to build characters who capture the hearts of your readers, your editors, and each other.
  • Branding from The Inside Out
    Hate the idea of branding? Think it will box you in? Utilize Allie’s innovative method to capture your essential values and let them invigorate your writing, marketing, graphic presence, and strategic planning.
Have A Special Topic You Want Allie to Tackle?

Speaking 2Most of Allie’s topics are available as:

    • Keynote addresses
    • 1-hour presentations
    • 2-hour breakouts
    • Full day seminars
    • Multi-day retreats
    • Webinars
    • Online classes

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